About me

I am Aleksandar Djuknic. Friends call me Sasha.

I was born in bygone fifties, here in Belgrade where I live since then, now with the family, meaning my wife and two daughters. At one time I graduated at the higher school for tourism, learned English and start working as a young man for the great, tour operator of former Yugoslavia “ Yugotours”.  My job was reception and handling tourists from Great Britain during their stay in one of many holiday resorts on Adriatic coast.  Extraordinary practical training and experience from that time, I can still safely rely on.

Besides, to work as a professional   I had to pass a special set of exams for tourist guides, before I got an official license issued by Serbian Ministry of Trade and Tourism.

This brings me a joy of travelling to different European countries, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy or France, guiding my compatriots desirous of new attractions, experience and knowledge. During the time I have been visiting Germany and Austria often. I visited many cities, got familiar with the people and learned their language which helps me in guiding the tours to these countries.

The most of all, meeting people from different sides of the world, coming to my country, brings real pleasure to me. Introducing tourist attractions of Belgrade and Serbia to them, I always discover new faces of my country and my city.  Sometimes we expand the impression of the whole region by visiting ex-Yu countries   and make our guests leave enriched by an unexpected experience.

Do not hesitate to open other pages where you can get more ideas of what I do and see if there is something interesting for you. If yes, please contact me by:

e-mail: adjuknic@yahoo.com or 
phone: 381 63 342 281

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