On Foot through the Centre
From Belgrade fortress with a Military  Museum, clock tower, observatory and zoo to the National Museum and the National Theatre, the  University, the Patriarchate, the Cathedral, the Princess Ljubica Palace, Kosancicev venac (a crescent) and Knez Mihajlova Street.

By Coach and on Foot through the City
To complete your idea of the city by seeing the Parliament, St, Sava Temple, the “25 May” Museum, Dedinje, the Prince Milos Palace, the Ada Ciganlija island, New Belgrade and Zemun.

Belgrade from the River

According to your wishes we will organize a special viewing of Belgrade from the rivers Sava and Danube.
Belgrade lives at night on its rivers. Those desirous of an evening entertainment will enjoy the atmosphere of floating restaurants and clubs.

An Evening in Bohemian Skadarlija

For as many as 150 years Belgrade’s bohemian soul has been permeating Skadarlija’s famous cafes. It is a real pity to come to Belgrade and not visit some of these restaurants where good food and live music refresh both soul and heart.

*  *  *